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Scraping Umbrella Academy's scripts

Why Umbrella Academy ? I’m a big fan of Ellen Page ! I really love her 😍. Juno is one of my favorite movies, no, actually it’s even my favorite movie. Besides, the soundtrack is my ⏰ 🎶. So I had to watch this series, and it is awesome ! (Okay, maybe I’m a little biased). I’ve only seen the first five episodes so far. I’m taking my time because I know I’ll be super sad 😭 when I’m done with the season.

R-Ladies Meetup

R-Ladies Montpellier meetups Since december 2018, I co-organise with Criscely the R-Ladies Montpellier meetups. You can follow R-Ladies Montpellier on twitter and github. Here are my slides, made with xaringan and the R-Ladies theme: Meetup 1 : little talk about Tidyverse : Meetup 2 : Let’s code TogetheR - Tidyverse Exercises : You can find the complete code of the slides here. And I’m going to write a post very soon with some useful tips for making xaringan slides, like how to make header and footer, how to insert interactive plots made with plotly or gganimate.

AmstRday's tweets

These lines of code have been lying around in a file for more than 2 months. I wrote them after SatRdays Amsterdam in September. Packages installation library(tidyverse) library(rtweet) library(knitr) library(kableExtra) library(ggiraph) library(magick) library(tidytext) library(wordcloud) library(widyr) library(igraph) library(ggraph) library(ggmap) library(maps) library(plotly) Scraping the tweets # rt_AmsteRday <- search_tweets( # "#AmsteRday", n = 2, include_rts = FALSE # ) # rt <- rt_AmsteRday # # vect <- c("#AmstRday", "#satRday", "#satRdays", "#satRdayAMS", "#satRdaysAMS") # # for( vec in vect){ # # rt_vec <- search_tweets( # vec, n = 18000, include_rts = FALSE # ) # rt <- bind_rows(rt, rt_vec) # } # # # rt <- rt %>% # unique() # # saveRDS(rt, "conttweets.

Playing with dplyr5000 - Part 1

dplyr5000 is a data package with the 5000 first travis builds of dplyr. I would like to make a beautiful barplot with these data, inspired by this tweet from Mara Averick. 📷 Further adventures in ggplot2 x-axis image labels… "Images as x-axis labels (updated)" ✏️ @carroll_jono "photo alignment with graph in r" (SO answer) @ClausWilke #rstats #dataviz /* ⛹️📊 atrocities mine, obvs */ — Mara Averick (@dataandme) October 11, 2018 Packages gh allows to get data from github.

Making an animated ggplot

I decide to talk about how I make my awesome blog banner in this first post. 😄 Why this banner ? It’s a french wordplay with my family name Sauder => Saut d’R (R jump in english). That’s why I decided to make a banner with the R-logo jumping on some (so cool) stickers. I choose stickers of packages that I use to do this animated ggplot. Which packages ?